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After each long and magical year at Mary Puppins School of Bitchcraft & Woofery, the Puppins team look forward to donning their robes and oxford caps to host a lively graduation ceremony to celebrate the beloved PUPils of the daycare.

Pawrents are invited to meet and connect with one another while the fur-children tumble and frolic with their school mates. We strive to create a community with our clients, which culminates in our annual graduation ceremony – a fun and crazy event in honour of these fantastic beasts who bring us together. This is our way of giving back to the Puppins family, whose unwavering support has sustained our dreams through times thick and thin.

After the roaring success of our initial ceremony, this has become a highly anticipated annual tradition. Every year we devise a new theme (yes, both pawrents and pups are encouraged to dress up!) which helps provide the pageantry for the occasion. You can look forward to delicious snacks, catering to both human and canine tummies, as well as mimosas. Who doesn’t love a mimosa!? Though that’s just for the bipedal attendees.

The pinnacle of the event is the prize giving ceremony! During this special procession, each pup is given an award in recognition of what makes them unique and highlights an attribute that we have come to cherish. In true Dogwarts fashion, the pups are also sorted into houses based on their personality types. It brings us such joy to see Pawrents beam with pride even if their fur-child is a Slobberin!

In truth, this is our favourite day of the year!
(and I must not tell lies!)

Graduation Ceremony
Mary Puppins Cape Town Graduation
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Mary Puppins Graduation

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